Our Solutions

Window Control Systems provides a wide range of window control solutions, to suit design purpose and project budget. Our solutions below can be customised so that the desired outcome has been achieved. Contact us to find out more!

Natural Ventilation

Natural Ventilation by Window Control System provides sophisticated, tailor-made window control solutions. In terms of functionality, aesthetics this is the window control solution this is an unparalleled window automation product on the New Zealand market.

Smoke Ventilation

Modern buildings have many advantages in functionality and comfort, but they also present potential dangers for their inhabitants. Fire is one of the most dangerous threats to human lives and its by-product smoke is the most common reason for fatalities. Smoke ventilation is, therefore, an essential life-saving feature in modern buildings.

Our Strategic partner: D+H Mechatronic®

D+H Mechatronic® is a German based company and world industry leader of Natural & Smoke ventilation componentry (actuators, controllers, sensors, switches) with more than forty years of experience. Window Control Systems is the exclusive importer for New Zealand of D+H Mechatronic® products.

Full life-cycle support

We provide full life-cycle coverage. We are involved in the design of natural ventilation system, we supply our products, we install them, we commission the system making sure it is fully functional and, once installed, we service our products.


Design Window control system; produce product specifications.


We supply all componentry and accompanying documentation.


We install componentry attached to windows, and assist in electrical works.


We make sure that the installed system works properly.


We offer a maintenance agreement once the system has been installed.

Our Partners

Window Control Systems collaborates with all major Construction projects’ participants. As an authority in window control solutions, including window automation, we engage with architects, specifiers, contractors, maintenance providers and end-users.


Planners / designers: architects, specifiers and mechanical consultants.


Builders, window fabricators and mechanical contractors.


Home-owners, property managers and maintenance caretakers.

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