Natural Ventilation

Natural Ventilation

Natural Ventilation by Window Control System provides sophisticated, tailor-made window control solutions. In terms of functionality and aesthetics our solutions are unparalleled in the New Zealand market.

Shaft and Lever

Manual and Electric Shaft & Lever is a classical window control system which provides a robust, reliable and economical window automation solution. Both Manual & Electric shaft and lever systems can open multiple sashes using only one gearbox or electric linear drive

Automated Ventilation

Automated ventilation incorporates advanced technology with electric chain drives. These chain drives are available in 24V and 230V options and are capable of communicating with external sensors. These sensors automatically signal the drives to open and close, under preset external inputs. Sensors can include Rain, CO2, Wind, and Temperature.

Integrated Ventilation

An integrated system allows for an automated system to be integrated with the Building Management System (BMS) which also controls other aspects of the building (e.g air conditioning, fans extraction, heating, lighting, etc.) The BMS is capable of micro controlling individual room environments by opening and closing windows in very small increments to achieve the required air flow.