Window Control Systems for End Users

Home Owners

Progress in technology has made a significant impact on the homes we live in. Natural ventilation takes advantage of these developments, providing three main benefits:

  1. Healthy living and well-being: by creating a natural indoor environment.
  2. Convenience and security: a reliable and easy-to-use system.
  3. Cost reduction: low maintenance solutions.

Smart home

Window automation fits into smart home solutions by:

  1. Sensors (rain, temperature, CO2, etc.) enable the system to directly respond to the environmental conditions. You define a set of parameters that will automatically trigger action.
  2. System integrates with other Mechanical systems (air-conditioning, central heating, etc.) thus preventing energy waste. For example, when air-conditioning is active, the windows will automatically close.

Property managers

With our experience, technical expertise and professional approach we are a reliable partner to people and organisations that manage properties. Our help includes:

  • Preventive maintenance: our maintenance contracts include periodical inspections of our all equipment that we installed.
  • Corrective maintenance: in case of breakdown of equipment, we will repair and restore the service to a fully functional status.
  • Training and manuals: we make sure that full advantage has been taken of our products. We also produce manuals in clear, non-technical language for end-users.