Smoke Ventilation

Smoke Ventilation

Modern buildings have many advantages in functionality and comfort, but they also present potential dangers for their inhabitants. Fire is one of the most dangerous threats to human lives and its by-product smoke is the most common reason for fatalities. Smoke ventilation is, therefore, an essential life-saving feature in modern buildings.

Automated Ventilation

Utilising the best of D+H fire resistant drives, a smoke automated ventilation system allows the building to respond instantly and effectively to fire. The German manufactured drives will expel smoke out of the building during a fire emergency. This allows the building to be clear of harmful smoke and gives the inhabitants enough breathing room to evacuate safely.

Integrated Ventilation

A D+H Smoke Ventilation system is designed to be integrated with a NZ Fire Safety panel. The system communicates through a D+H designed RZN control panel. It then signals the actuators within the building to either open, to release smoke out of high level windows, or close, to allow an extraction system to expel the smoke from the building